A stormy night

Isn't nature a beautiful thing. 

I sit here writing this whilst watching the storm we are having. It started whilst the sun was setting, half the sky was orange pastel colours whilst the other half was dark with moody textured clouds with the slight rumble of thunder. Now a few hours later the pitch black sky, loud fierce rumbles of thunder that get louder and louder after every strike of lightning amongst the light pitter patter of rain. 

I always love it when it rains, the sound is just so soothing to me and the smell is just heavenly, especially when you can smell the rain mixing with the ground giving off that earthly smell. 

This weather is just perfect on a night time, it's makes me relax and soothes me to sleep.
I know I won't have any trouble drifting off the sleep tonight.

I hope you all enjoy the storm as much as I am.