My garden foxes

Hello and welcome to my blog.

We have always had foxes in our garden but the last few months I decided I wanted to try film them. There's a small patch of land that is part of our garden but we've always had it cornered off due to people always used it as a dumping area. I took it upon myself to make an entrance and clean it up back there. At the start of the lockdown I purchased a camera trap so I could watch the foxes and see what they get up to back there.

I now know we have a small family of foxes. At first I just thought it was the one until one day I got footage of both a male and female together, I was so excited. I named them Ayla and Archie. It's great being able to watch their behaviours and learn more about them each day, Ayla is rather laid back and calm whereas Archie is more curious and messes with things and he races around the garden 

We now have a cub who has joined the family. I find it strange that they only have the one but still I'm extremely pleased to know there's a cub. Watching it is adorable and I can't wait to watch it grow up and see all the mischief it gets up to. 

If you want to see my videos of the foxes then you can visit my Facebook page at the link below to keep up to date with them.