My lockdown foxes

During this lockdown like many other people I have been finding it hard, especially with losing my dog a few weeks before hand. But I have been finding refuge in the nature and wildlife that lives in my garden. As you know we have a family of foxes, only the family has grown since my last blog post. 

Towards the end of march I brought a camera trap to watch the foxes. Back then it was just two adult foxes Ayla and Archie. Then on the 2nd May I found out we had a cub. It was so beautiful and small. Unfortunately it didn't make an appearance straight after emerging from the den so I missed it being super tiny. For a few weeks it was just the one cub around and I got to see the bond between the cub and it's parents, dad spent a lot of time with the cub. Then one night there was a second cub, then the following night there was a third. I couldn't believe it, they must have been hiding from me. It was great seeing more than just the one cub as I thought it was strange for there to only be one. Another week went by and one night I got footage of four cubs all playing together, it was beautiful to watch. There's only been a few times where all the cubs have been together at the same time so this was a real treat to see. 

Even though I didn't get to see them when they were tiny they have still grown a huge amount over the past 2-3 weeks. It seems every night they look bigger. I've watched their personalities shine through and I have also watched them learn hunting stills like pouncing and digging. 

Soon they will be chased off by mom and dad so I am making the most of seeing these cubs play in our garden. 

Nature is a great medicine for mental health especially through times like these. So make the most of the lockdown and sit and watch the wildlife in your garden or local common. 

Stay safe and I hope you have enjoyed reading this.